February 24, 2016

Cosplay Contest

cosplayFor years, the cosplay community of Utah has come together to be ambassadors to the outside world through the Nihon Matsuri, and we are continuing that tradition with a contest!  This will be a Walk-on only competition, and just like in previous years Cosplay Showcase, we will take a moment to explain about the series you are cosplaying from, as well as the characters you are cosplaying.  We hope that you’d like to be part of this one of a kind contest for the experience itself, but also for the prizes and awards you can receive for doing so! This years prizes are donated to us by:

The Nihon Matsuri Committee:


Anime Banzai:


and Epic Cosplay:


And This years judges are:


Pastel Colored Cosplay


Pastel has been cosplaying for over ten years now, and has won many awards for performance and craftsmanship. She has also been cosplaying at the festival since the first cosplay showcase in 2009, and is excited to have a chance to work behind the scenes as a contest judge this year!

In addition to her own endeavors, Pastel runs a local cosplay charity group known as Cosplay for a Cause. This group’s successful donation drives have led to thousands of much needed items being collected for a variety of worthy causes.

Find Pastel’s work at Pastel Colored Cosplay

Learn more about Cosplay for a Cause!

Kiki Kabuki


Kiki has been creating costumes since 2010, participating in and judging masquerades ever since. As someone who adores the inspiration and creativity behind the craft, she is greatly looking forward to the opportunity and honor of meeting so many talented people in this year’s Nihon Matsuri cosplay contest!

On facebook as Kiki Kabuki



Tia has been fascinated by dress-up since she was a four-year-old running around in a Wonder Woman cape and pretending to save the world, and seven years ago decided she could still do that as an adult, too. Since then she has won several awards for both craftsmanship and performance, and has worked with some amazing cosplayers to improve her craft even when not competing. She loves to experiment with new materials and methods and is always excited to hear about the creativity and innovation of other cosplayers. This is her first time judging, and she is thrilled to have the chance to show her appreciation for the hard work and skill of those entering.

She can be found on Facebook at Apropos of Nothing



“Unroyalty has been the driving force behind the Utah Nihon Matsuri cosplay showcase since its creation. She has been cosplaying for six years, and in that time has entered, run, and judged several contests. She has a great love of the creative process that goes into this type of costuming, and enjoys judging because of the opportunity it gives her to learn about other cosplayers’ ideas and techniques. She is amazed at the way the showcase has grown over the years, and is grateful that cosplay can be celebrated at the festival as a part of Japanese culture. She looks forward to seeing many new and seasoned cosplayers enter this year!”
Find her stuff at:

Unroyalty Cosplay on Facebook

And last but not least, our onsite cosplay contest coordinator and administrator:

Turtlebunnies Cosplay


Turtlebunnies Cosplay has been working behind the scenes of the contest since it began. She loves managing the spreadsheets and schedules that keep the show running, and having the opportunity to meet and work with so many talented and creative people.

Check out her cosplay page!